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Problems fixed in ConnTrace 2.1 Revision 3
November 4, 2021

Added option to select a color schem for the console log 2.1.3 Color scheme can be selected in the user preference dialog.
Adjusted Intel pin file reader for format changes 2.1.3 The Intel pin format contains voltage values for user IO signals in version Pro 21.x
Added PCB netlist format 'Allegro PCB extraction'. 2.1.3 The extraction file of Cadence Allegro board file can be used as a stand-alone format.
2155 Deleting a connection through its context menu does not update the model 2.1.3 The connection is removed, but the model is not updated.
2154 Component filter (checkbox) in the netlist view can hide to much 2.1.3 When a net is connected to a component pin of which the component is added to the netlist view and this connection is a secondary connection the whole net is not shown in the view when component checkbox is checked.
Improved ISCF parser 2.1.2 Improved error handling and allow parsing of component properties.
Fixed possible crash 2.1.2 Could appear when trying to load example project immediately after first product install.
Connector dropdown list of screen 2.1.2 Fixed position of connector dropdown widget in the connection dialog when appear below the visible screen height.
Module descriptions 2.1.2 Added module descriptions for the VITA 57.1/57.4 FMC standards
2111 ConnTrace fails to save/restore user settings on Windows 2.1.1 The save/restore of user settings doesn't work on Windows when the username contains extended characters.
2108 Data files not recognized in a directory containing extended characters 2.1.1 Files stored below a folder containing extended characters (like é or è) are not found.
2105 Connection generator 2.1.1 An easy way to connect all the connectors P * to J * (P01-> J01 P02-> J02 ...) between 2 boards.
2091 Show in the connections dialog which connectors have been used. 2.1.1 It is not easy to see which connectors have already been used in the connections dialog (when you have a lot connectors) and you are adding the next one.
2088 Add PCB file filters to the file selection dialogs 2.1.1 When the PCB format is set in the Project/PCB properties dialogs add a file filter to the file selection dialog to easier select the appropriate file.
2070 Direction info is not extracted from Microsemi pin report file. 2.1.1 Added extraction for column Direction, when present.
1981 Pull-up / pull-down verification. 2.1.1 Issue error when one side of connector is pull-up and the other is pull-down.
Issue warning if both sides of connector are pull-up or both sides are pull-down.

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