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Fixed Problems in BoardTrace 3.1 Rev 1
February 28, 2023

2244 User accepted mismatch for an FPGA pin matches to many signals 3.1.1 User accepted mismatch for an FPGA pin, set from the FPGA Connecton trace, with a generic name like '<RESERVED_INPUT>' and which are unconnected on the board, also matches all other pins with that name, including pins which are connected.
2238 No error message for missing microprocessor configuration 3.1.1 If a microprocessor was added to BoardTrace using a user configuration and that configuration is no longer present (project opened on other machine) no (error) message is generated.
2236 Incorrect sorting in the connection details 3.1.1 When using the OPENVPX connection mapping on a connector the sorting (both by pin number and signal name) of that connector in the Connection details is incorrect.
2235 ODB++ components.z file not processed 3.1.1 Issue a message when the ODB++ compressed file is not in the required standard Unix compress format.
2234 Improving handling of incorrect PCB or FPGA format 3.1.1 Show a red error icon when processing the PCB or FPGA file failed.
2231 Zuken NDF parser ignores unconnected pins 3.1.1 Zuken NDF parser now also adds pins that are not connected to a net and nets that are not connected to a pin.
2213 Missing circuit type column in HTML report 3.1.1 The HTML table of the connection Details doesn't show contain the circuit type (an icon) column.
2191 Extract voltage information from other Microsemi Libero report files. 3.1.1 Additional data files for voltage extraction are:
2187 Disable beeps 3.1.1 User option to disable annoying beep when errors are sent to the console window
FPGA device update 3.1.1 Added support for Efinix FPGAs
Intel FPGA pins listed in the pinlist as "RESERVED_INPUT_WITH_WEAK_PULLUP" or "RESERVED_INPUT" are no longer marked as as being unused.

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