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What's new in EASE™ 9.4

Improved high resolution monitor support

Display scaling

Buttons with images and other graphical user interface elements will follow the scale size set in Windows and Linux. Font scaling is improved when moving the application window to a second screen with different scaling.

Application font

In the user options dialog, Application page, you can specify a font size increase, which will increase all font sizes for application text, for which you cannot select the font and size in the user options (like in menus, dialogs and tab labels).

User prefences
User prefences: Application font increment

VHDL / Verilog changes


Entity generics (when the VHDL mode is VHDL2008) can be set to ‘constant’, ‘type’, ‘function’ and ‘procedure’. Generics of type ‘type’ can be used to specify the port type in the port list.

VHDL 2008 generics
VHDL 2008 generics

The generic type ‘constant’ is the same as a generic without a type mark.

A generic of type ‘function’ or ‘procedure’ is used to instantiate a component which uses a function/procedure specified in an architecture or package. In the shown example 2 ports of type ‘type_t’ have been defined for which the actual type is determined in the entity instantiation. In the VHDL import the handing of declarations and statements in entity declarations has been improved.

Generated VHDL
Generated VHDL

Search & replace

Search & replace using regular expressions has been implemented for entity ports and diagram nets.

Groupwise search and replace
Groupwise search and replace

Block diagram editor

Nets which have an attribute specification show a small dot in the wires like is done for virtual nets. The virtual net marking and attribute specification is now also shown in the connect by-name-tags.

When copying ports using drag & drop it is now possible to directly connect the new port to the same net as the original port (by pressing both CTRL and ALT keys during drop).

The following shortcuts are added:

The shortcut m (Verilog instantiate module) is now deprecated (use a,m instead).

Save state exit timer

The state machines were extended with a timer process in Ease 9.3. The timer is a count-down timer loaded with either integer values, constants or generics (of type natural / integer). When using constants or generics (with an expression) an underflow can occur when the calculated delay value is less than the minimum (1 or 2 depending on the state machine style).

The underflow would cause a simulation failure. Using the ‘Prevent timer underflow’ check box additional code is added to test for the underflow condition and to prevent errors.

Save state timer
Save state exit timer

HTML generation

Replaced font pixel sizes by ‘em’ sizes, for which the behaviour can be adjusted in the CSS file and improved layout. Replaced deprecated use of the attribute ‘name’ in HDL text with the ‘id’ attribute.
Added tables with the entity/module port and generics (parameters) to the entity pages.

Other improvements

Supported platforms

Windows (64-bit only): Windows 10 / 11
Linux (64-bit only): Should work with any recent distribution.
Tested with RHEL 7, 8 and 9.

More about EASE

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