HDL Companion: Global View

HDL Companion: Global Views

File View

HDL Companion creates a File View, an Object View and a Top Level View from the files it finds in your project.

File View

The File View shows you all directories and files that are part of your project. The files can be VHDL or Verilog files, in which case the objects contained in the file will also be shown, or non-HDL files like text documents or script files for other tools. HDL Companion comes with a predefined list of file names and file name extensions that will be used to determine the right tool to open non-HDL files. If needed you can add your own definitions to support any files that are not in the predefined list.

Object View

The Object View shows you all HDL objects that are present in your project. HDL Companion uses a special 'fuzzy' parser to determine the objects present in each file and the library where the file should be compiled. The fuzzy parser will even work when the HDL file contains syntax errors, and the objects that could not be compiled will be marked so you can easily navigate to the offending code.

Top Level View

The Top Level View shows you all entities, configurations and modules that are not instantiated in other objects. Clicking on an object in this view will show the full hierarchy in the Hierarchy View.

Detailed View

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