Problems fixed in Scriptum 13.0 Rev 1,
April 5, 2012

1361 Search window right on top of text one wants to replace All 13.0.1 Window should move to the left/right to un-obscure the highlighted text.
1360 Incorrect column highlighting when ShowWhiteSpace is active All 13.0.1 The displayed selection rectangle is incorrectly adjusted for end-of-line markers.
1359 Incorrect column paste All 13.0.1 To much text is deleted when a column paste is started on a column position that doesn't contain characters.
1354 Incorrect new cursor position after a column paste All 13.0.1 The cursor position is positioned relative to the whole line instead of the pasted column.
1350 Error markers don't move when text is inserted or deleted All 13.0.1 The colored error indicators should move when text is inserted or deleted in the document.
1347 Add search in 'Selected Text' to the Search & Replace dialog All 13.0.1 As Title
1342 Place typed characters on each line of a column selection All 13.0.1 As a multi-line caret
1340 Allow keyboard shortcut to define a column selection All 13.0.1 Use <SHIFT><ALT> arrow keys.

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