Problems fixed in EASE 8.2 Revision 8, November 27, 2015

1696 Unable to select Subversion branch/tag for project 8.2.8 Menu item was always disabled for a project
1685 VCM status verification report shows 0 notes, but there are icons in the browser 8.2.8 User option to disable verification notes shadowed VCM status verification notes.
1680 Scriptum editor crashes when indenting a column 8.2.8 If the selection is extended beyond the last line and an indent is applied the Scriptum (including EASE) will crash.
1667 Update external HDL Files dialog fails 8.2.7 As title
1663 Verification of external HDL files fail when they contain encrypted HDL 8.2.7 The protected mode section of encrypted HDL was modified.
1661 Library/use clause added to architecture which already has a package use 8.2.7 A component of that entity is declared in a package, but we add a library/use clause for the entity.
1646 Generate blocks not generated in Verilog 8.2.6 As title
1642 Recognize vho extension as VHDL file 8.2.5 Lattice generated VHDL netlist files use the extension vho. Which is not recognized when imported as an external HDL file.
1638 Use clause for entity in library work not handled correctly 8.2.5 When a use clause 'use work.entityX' is parsed while actually inside another library, but a library really named 'work' is also present, the component will not refer to the (correct) entity.
  Fixed issues with context 8.2.5 Back to previous diagram did not always work.
  Testbench skeleton generator 8.2.5 After creating a testbench skeleton open the new diagram in the editor.
1621 Incorrect range information in generic dialog 8.2.4 If the first type in the signal properties picklist contains a range, this range will be shown for the current object if it can have a range. This happens even if the object itself does not have a range (e.g. integer).
1617 Linked libraries using relative path not resolved after relocation 8.2.4 After moving a number of projects containing linked libraries (using relative directory paths) the linked libraries will not be loaded: they still try to load the linked projects from the old location.
1616 Unable to open unmanaged project due to SVN upgrade message 8.2.3 When there is an .svn directory in the EASE project directory of an unmanaged project a message occurs: Unable to open workspace '... .ews': it needs to be upgraded.
1615 Project properties dialog too big when using lots of managed libraries 8.2.3 The HDL =>Generator page should have a scrollbar for the list of managed libraries.
1604 Relative header file 8.2.1 Allow relative path for header file names in project properties
1603 Ignore verification messages 8.2.1 User option to ignore verification messages about modified HDL files should work for external HDL files
1602 Incomplete HDL for master-slave state machines 8.2.1 HDL stored in the VCM system generated for a Master-Slave fsm is incomplete when not verified before
1600 Cannot instantiate entity from imported library 8.2.1 Imported library from a Subversion repository required a version selected
1598 Library properties dialog too small 8.2.1 If a project contains a lot of managed libraries, it is not possible to select the correct version of all managed libraries in the library properties dialog as the dialog no longer fits on the screen.
1589 No verification message if external HDL file referred by package no longer exists 8.2.1 When importing a package using the 'Use links (external HDL file)' option, both a package and an external HDL file will be created. If you delete the external HDL file the package is still present and you will not receive any verification messages. This is confusing if the package is 'used' by other objects and you get verification messages that the package was not compiled.
1571 Language color scheme has effect on the Quickview tooltip 8.2.1 Color scheme is used, except for the window background.
1568 Multi Net properties dialog doesn't accept multiple empty names 8.2.1 The dialog report multiple empty names as duplicate entries.
1567 Unused libraries should not be added to the Modelsim search path 8.2.1 Each library in the EASE project is added to the Modelsim search path (using -L <lib_name>) on the command line of the vsim commands. This will produce errors if the library is not created when it is unused.
1566 Derived net information not updated 8.2.1 Derived net information not updated when changing range information on driving port
1563 Auto connect using a tag creates a duplicate signal 8.2.1 Auto connect ports using a tag creates a net which has the user defined flag set. This will cause a duplicate signal error.
1558 Free placed text is always fixed to grid 8.2.1 All labels can moved of grid, but free placed text is bound to grid.
1556 Problems specifying multiple license files/servers in the license wizard 8.2.1 Allow specifying multiple files/server using a ';' to separated entries.
1549 Library import 8.2.1 Add option to select if import should import managed libraries or add them as managed libraries
1546 Do not show top-level entity if it is not needed 8.2.1 Added user option (browser specific) to hide unnecessary top level entities/modules.
1545 Multiple states with power-up property. 8.2.1 Copy of FSM power-up state results in 2 states with power-up property.
1543 Library properties are lost when importing a library 8.2.1 Properties like output directory and hdl library name, note, designer are lost when a library is imported to another project.
1539 Add a filter to entity instantiate dialog 8.2.1 A filter makes it easier to select the correct entity when there are a lot of entities in a library.
1538 Add a filter to the listed directories in the SVN Select Workspace dialog 8.2.1 A filter would be nice when there are many directories present in the repository.
1527 Browsers not updated after renaming a component 8.2.1 As title
1526 Sheet options dialog should have a 'fit to size' option 8.2.1 Diagram menu now contains resize to contents option.
1522 Net data for CBN net not always copied during copy & paste 8.2.1 When selecting all objects in a diagram CBN tags will not be selected (only the port is selected and the CBN tag is copied when the port is copied). This means the net data is not pasted and the net will get a user defined name even if it did not have a user defined name. This can cause name conflicts (duplicate names).
1521 Don't select text in the text line editor of the table view 8.2.1 Contents will not be selected when activating the editor using double-click or F2 key
1490 Combine EASE text and object search in one dialog 8.2.1 Combing both dialogs will make it easier to find things.
779 Support for statement 'use <library>.all;' 8.2.1 Use clauses can now be defined for entities, libraries and packages.
569 Dynamic Sheet size 8.2.1 It is now possible to manually specify the sheet size.
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