Fixed Problems in HDL Companion 2.8 Rev 2
July 21, 2015

1652 Import of Xilinx Vivado project files does not work for version 7 project files 2.8.2 Import of Xilinx Vivado project files (.xpr) only works for files with Version="6" and not for files with Version="7".
1645 Allow multiple selection in file view 2.8.2 It should be possible to select multiple files and perform a VCM command. At this moment only one selection will remain when pressing the right mouse button to open the context menu.
1641 Unable to open ascii files in the integrated Scriptum editor 2.8.2 Asccii (Non-HDL files) are not opened in the integrated Scriptum editor when clicked on them in a browser view.
1638 Use clause for entity in library work not handled correctly 2.8.2 When a use clause 'use work.entityX' is parsed while actually inside another library, but a library really named 'work' is also present, the component will not refer to the (correct) entity.
1629 Improved navigation to lint message Misc10 2.8 Navigation will now navigate to the offending code.
1609 Parser issue in beta 2.8 could cause crash 2.8 Fix for parser crash on missing semicolon.
1613 VHDL linter CP14 false positives 2.8 Fixed false positives for functions/procedures inside protected typedef bodies.

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