January 2013, HDL Works announces the release and immediate availability of EASE 8.0, the Graphical HDL Design tool.

About EASE

EASE is the most intuitive Graphical HDL Design Entry tool in the industry. Providing the user with a better means of communication, documentation, design entry and modification for any HDL design targeted for FPGA or ASIC. With its four integrated editors (block diagram, state diagram, truth table and text editors) EASE offers a suitable design entry for every HDL requirement. It includes integration with industry standard revision control systems for real multi-user support.

What's new in EASE 8.0

The most important novelty is the Virtual Record. A virtual record is like a VHDL record in that it is a collection of signals, shown as a single signal object. Unlike a VHDL record, the virtual record will be expanded into the individual signals in the generated HDL. The virtual record type can be used as a port on an entity/module and as a port or wire in a diagram. The goal is to decrease the block diagram complexity and increase design flexibility.

Other enhancements are DO254 based linting, sticky notes in the browser, improved property sheets, PDF printing and a detachable editor window.

Availability and Pricing

EASE 8.0 is available now. Prices begin at € 3700 for a perpetual license. EASE can be downloaded and evaluated freely from the HDL Works website.

About HDL Works

HDL Works develops and markets high-performance, intuitive tools for complex HDL design across a wide spectrum of applications. Its software products are available for Linux and Windows platforms. HDL Works currently holds ConnTrace, EASE, HDL Companion, IO Checker and Scriptum in its product portfolio. Headquartered in Ede, The Netherlands, HDL Works is privately held.

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EASE, HDL Companion, IO Checker and Scriptum are trademarks of HDL Works.

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